We have XPS 15s that have started blue screening all the time lately when they are connected to their TB16 docks. Some are s and some are brand new s. We still get periodic blue screens. Anyone have any idea what else we can check to figure out why this is happening?

dell tb16 blue screen

Go to Solution. View solution in original post. I have been having this same issue with my and TB I've reinstalled the driver associated with the device but still continue to have the issue.

This of course is only my temporary solution as I need my dock to be able to operate properly. After the blue screen I ran scans and everything passed. This is VERY frustrating so hopefully someone has a solution. Any assistance from the masses would be greatly appreciated.

If nothing else, I guess I'll call Pro Support tomorrow and open a ticket.

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I can't have all my users crashing throughout the day. Exactly the same problem here, it started this morning after I installed the following updates from Dell yesterday evening:. I got a Support Pro Plus contract in place, will see how Dell can help. I have the TPM stuff set to No Security because having to approve the things is so annoying and causes trouble. This seems to mostly resolve the issue but I am still tracking it.

If I don't hear of any more crashes in a day or two I guess I'll continue deploying our new laptops. And just like that, the guy sitting on the other side of my cube wall just crashed again. Time to call Dell. Thank you for your message. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I will be glad to assist you with this. Did the issue start lately after a BIOS or driver update? What is the Bluescreen error? Does the system restart or shut down after the error? How to locate the service tag.

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Showing results for.Has anyone tried that combo before? So far it recognizes most of the components, but only one out of the three screens comes up.

It doesn't detect the other two. Also, in the device manager I see the "ucm-ucsi acpi" device showing "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.

Code 43 ". I try unininstalling, updating, rollback, etc. Myself, I have only used the T with the Lenovo Graphics Dock which also not supposed to be compatible with the T, but it does work perfectly with all components, including the GTX It does support up to 3 displays, although I did not try it. In case you would like to know, let me know, I can check it with my friend, we can manage to check with 3 displays. What do you mean by power button? Of course, power works perfectly thru the dock, it charges when the laptop is off, when you turn on it still charges, so you don't need to use the original charger, you can use this, the dock's power connector looks like the old Lenovo Charger, as it's W, so it's enough for the T and also for the dock, I also play games with the built in and perfect.

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By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More. APP Download. All Forum Topics. T Docking station. Bugbatter Community SeniorMod. I'm still struggling with it. Slavikf1 What's DOS? I intend to have one of TB's to use with my T Does the power button work with Lenovo? The quesiotn was: isit possible to turn Lenovo laptop on from Dell TB16 dock station? Forum Home. Community Guidelines Please review our Guidelines before posting.Here is the BSOD memory analyzes.

Please fix this problem with a updated ASMedia driver! Arguments: Arg1: c, Exception code that caused the bugcheck Arg2: fffffadb18, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck Arg3: ffffe40bbf0, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck Arg4:zero.

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dell tb16 blue screen

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. I updated ASMedia driver to 1.

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I have this problem too! Other USB devices are unaffected. I have the same issue which is pretty annoying since it is a brand new laptop and dock. USB on this dock is pretty much unusable at the moment and I'm wavering on just returning it. Dell Support Resources.I've now disabled sleep and will use hibernate to see if this makes any difference. This is really a blocker since I'm not able to work even a few minutes without experiencing a blue screen.

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I bought mine off of Ebay so a little bit of me is wondering if it's a dud but I'm seeing so many other people who've got new and having the exact same problem. I've come to the conclusion this down to the design of the TB But I'm hopeful there is a solution out there.

Dell 240W Thunderbolt Dock (Dell TB16) Tutorial

Mine is only an issue it seems when it comes back from sleep mode but I will keep this thread posted if that changes, for now I use hibernate not sleep. Wonder if by chance because it had too many issues?? Before connecting the dock I installed the following drivers I will be testing my with the TB 16 but you say it only happens when it comes out of sleep.

dell tb16 blue screen

Do you actually mean low power mode or hibernation, since it doesn't sleep. So the drivers for the TB16 afaic are the issue. I've been using the hibernate mode with no problems. I get the feeling Dell have washed their hands of the issues and will move on. With the TB16 they should have taken the opportunity to overhaul the design and recode but obviously didn't hence the botch job. The is a modern standby system and does not behave exactly as other laptops.

It can be confusing if you are expecting a system to just have the screen turned off but actually it is in a low power mode and simply hitting the space bar will bring it back.

Some operations do use the sleep timer so you might try changing that. I tested my system with the dock and could not replicate the errors. I do not have two monitors but did plug in the Ethernet and USB 3. Since I cannot duplicate your two monitor setup, perhaps you could run with just one or none for testing. I think you mentioned you have all the latest Thunderbolt and other TB16 components.

There was a Win 10 update today and you can never tell if it might have an effect. If you can test for a specific component by not using it for a while, you might be able to pin down where the problem is happening.

Simples, just choose the sleep option in the start menu and then press the power button on the TB16 to wake. Asmedia usb 3. I do not know why your Asmedia driver is not installing. You install those drivers without the dock connected? The driver version is the same as on my You could try uninstalling the driver, it will probably show up if you set Device Manager to show hidden devices.LatitudeWin10 up to date.

Been having flaky experience with thunderbolt dock. Yesterday I updated all drivers from Dell Support Windows does not provide an option to roll back. I don't remember if this driver was part of the group that I updated yesterday, but this is the latest version of the driver available from Dell.

Just to isolate variables, is this occurring when the system has nothing installed on it except a fresh Win10 installation from regular Microsoft media i. That issue didn't result in blue screens, but I thought of it when you mentioned that same driver here. Just as one data point, I'm able to use my with a TB16 without any issues at all, so if you haven't already, I would start by seeing whether things work properly in a minimal Windows installation.

Thanks for the reply. I only have the one device, and it's my only work machine. Due to the general flakiness I have been debating paving it and starting over, but that's time intensive and impacts productivity.

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Unfortunate if that's my next step. I've used Dell hardware at home and work for years and this is the first time I've had such issues, so really disappointing. I definitely know what you mean about the time. Just to avoid potentially end up having to rebuild your system from scratch for nothing in case the behavior persists even after a clean install if you go that route, you could capture an image of your current state before you wipe your system.

That way if it persists, you can restore your image and be no worse off than you were before except for the time to do part of a clean install -- but at least you wouldn't have to reinstall everything else manually. Macrium Reflect Free is a popular tool for capturing images, and as the name suggests, it's free.

I found one possible source: the Thunderbolt service and software stops running, usually when the laptop is asleep. I find if I wake it up unplugged and check task manager, the ThunderboltService service tbtsvc. That is working often. Although literally as I was going to post this response the system blue screened on asmtxhci. I had this issue with my and TB16 dock. System has been rock solid ever since. I did the same thing a few weeks ago. That older version is definitely more stable. Same problem with a new and fresh Windows 10 install of a As I said, Dell Command Update did not find this newer version of the driver.

Strangely, I have not had this crash with any other in the office when they use their TB16 docks. Only this one and it's TB16 dock caused the immediate crash. If you're having this issue I recommend manually downloading and installing that 1.I've got an issue that's come up recently at work and I've done about all I can think of to figure out how to resolve it, so I'm throwing this out to the all the experts here to see if anyone can suggest something I haven't tried.

We have a number of Dell Latitude laptops with Dell D docks that have frequent freezing issues when docking and un-docking. The issue seems to be related to programs not properly switching network connectivity from wired to wireless and back. All of the laptops are fully updated with the latest DisplayLink dock drivers, latest BIOS, and running Windows 10 Enterprise and running with all updates.

The docks also have the latest firmware.

dell tb16 blue screen

Unfortunately I cannot find any Windows event logs that show anything specific and the freezing does not get logged either. We normally end up having to hard power down the laptops and do a complete reboot.

The driver updates seem to have decreased the frequency of the problems on some systems, but has not solved it. One other thing that appears to exacerbate the issue is some of the users that use Microsoft Teams seem to have more frequent issues. I'm drawing a blank as to where to go from all the diagnosing I've done so far, so if anyone has any thoughts I welcome the input.


I've also reached out to Dell on this to see if they have any solutions. Never have had any issues with the thinkpads. Brand Representative for DisplayLink. Hello Phil, Would you please be able to tell me a bit more about the freezing? This would guide me to the next question Thanks for the reply. So what happens is that basically everything just locks up.

The mouse might still respond at least for a while but normally from what I've seen the desktop goes white and completely unresponsive or the open programs just appear to be grayed out. A couple of times I've managed to connect to the PC via a remote command line or powershell session if the wifi actually connects or if the ethernet reconnects after being reconnected to the dock. I've managed to recover from this maybe once where I could kill explorer and some other hung processes and get the desktop to come back.

If I try to launch task manager or anything else locally typically I don't get any response. Trying to force the laptops to sleep and then resume does nothing. Until the latest DisplayLink driver update I had a couple of other laptops that occasionally wouldn't resume when docked after they were left for a while.

That was completely random and happened anywhere from every day to a week or more. That issue seems to have gone away. I'm not sure if it has any bearing on this issue, but I know that the Trend Micro client does have at least some sort of interaction with the network stack in Windows since I recently had to deal with an issue with that program that was causing a Cicso AnyConnect upgrade to fail because it was blocking something having to do with installing the virtual network interface driver at least that's what appeared to be happening.

Oh, we also have a GPO that doesn't allow the Wifi to connect if there is an active wired connection so the wifi has to connect after the dock is disconnected.Wherever work takes you, we'll be there with seamless solutions to keep you connected from anywhere.

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