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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. With the support of the communitywe've added 2, new members this drive. Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! You are transferring into U. A, a High school for hybrids and even a few humans attending.

It wasn't your choice, but you don't really mind. Being a smart fox hybrid, a lot is expected from you so you try your best at everything even if it's not that important. You've never had friends, so when your new classmates start to talk to you a lot wanting to be your friend, you were more than happy. But then most of them started acting a bit weird. Almost as if they want to be more than friends, what a funny thought!

Quirk marriages began to manifest over time in the quirk infested society, mostly during the second and third Gen, nowadays, there a hidden darkness, hiding in the shady parts of alleyways. With the soul purpose to create a powerful child in their bloodline, to inherit the mother, father's or a combination of both. Just a bunch of One Shot Snippets that are inspired by the one and only my queen Yagami Yato, plus all the lovely sinners in the Yato Attic who have also inspired me to write this sinful book of sin.

These Fanfics are not for children, if you are under the age of 18 I do not recommend that you read this. OF course these are smut Chapters so there will be sex in very graphic detail. I am also going to state that some chapters may contain some forms of violence. Before the Karen's come at me, and attack me.

The characters in here are 20 - 30 years old. This is a collection of all the oneshots I've written.Maybe pregnant hcs for Todoroki, Iida, Shinsou and Amajiki??? This right here just melts my hurt. Even thinking about it makes me weak. So I've seen this future kids prompt pop up everywhere and I love it. Maybe Shouto, Shinsou, Iida and Dabi with their future kids???? Love ya. I was just p-petting the k-k-kitty when this m-m-man came up to m-me!


First of all, ouch. So here is my attempt dear anon. On me love, please. Thank you I love you - its-bnha-babe. Sorry for the wait. Erm Tamaki and Hawks bringing their kids to work??? Like their daughters and maybe Hawks has twins but only brought his little girl cause you took their boy to the doc or something?? OMG this is adorable. Can i request an Iida and Mirio seperately and your other boys? Plus mini random fact, I dislocated my knee today which is amazing.

Quarantine is so fun in my household. I loved the future children ask!

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I can see their faces when the kid says no to them. It was really cool, daddy. Hey love your blog. If you write about villains and pros could you maybe write the first I love you with Dabi, Hawks, Fatgum and Shigaraki???? This is adorable!! The love at first sight scenarios were so good???? How are u so talented??? Can i please love at first sight hc's with Shinsou, and Tamaki please?

They make me soft. Nice to meet you. Iida Tenya -You and Tenya have been married for 6 years now and have been trying endlessly for a baby. GET UP! Amajiki Tamaki -Ah love.Originally posted by aishitetsuro. Not when all you wanna do is smother him in kisses because he deserves to know how much you love him. Though he will not have any complaints when you chose to occupy the space in his lap during study sessions.

You knew he hated PDA, but you never thought his dislike for it would go as far as he would yell at you when you pecked his cheek goodbye when you excused yourself to go to the bathroom. The sudden raising of his voice made you jump and it surprised you that you even let out a tiny yelp. His brows were furrowed and his stare was intense, he chopped the air with his every so stiff hands. What were you thinking, doing such a thing inside our classroom?

A place for learning? You froze, it felt as if a bucket of ice water was just dumped on you. Feeling your eyes sting, you cast your eyes down and mutter a quiet apology before hurrying out of the classroom. You ran to the bathroom where you let your tears freely fall.

After splashing cold water on your face and calming down, you made your way back to the classroom. You thought it was petty of you, but still, you refused to spare him a glance and returned to your seat and sparked up a conversation with Yaomomo who was excited about the tea her Mother was sending.

On the other end of the classroom, Ochaco was watching you with worried eyes. He started to realize just how much he messed up when you and your classmates were scattered in the common room. You sat on the couch with one hand occupied by a cup of tea Yaomomo provided you with. He sat down next to you and was about to wrap his arm around your shoulder when you abruptly stood up. The man in question fell silent, he scanned the classroom to find you in your seat.

After finishing the movie you watched as a class, you made your way back to your room to sulk. You hated treating your boyfriend like that but that was what he wanted. Your train of depressing thoughts were interrupted when a soft knock was heard, you had a wild guess of who could be behind your door. He sat down on your bed with a long sigh, you frowned. He looked troubled. Sitting down beside him. How do you even plan on doing that?

Before you could reply he spoke again.Midoriya just smiled shyly, unable to reply over the fact that such a cute girl thought of him that way. Log in Sign up. AU where Deku is a stand user. Requests are open! Reader - Relax. Especially those who were around him all the time. They each gave you a wide smile, then Uraraka winked to wish you good luck.

Kamishin x Reader. Until someone made the comment of her being two big for four months. She was ethereal and I've fallen for her. The girls team has won two Empire League titles while the … The effect of magnetic field on the plasma parameters and surface modification of Cu-alloy has been investigated.

Hope you enjoy, the prompt was rejection;-; Masterlist for the works coming out tomorrow! Originally posted by mendydoesart You did a wonderful job requesting anon!!

You lock your phone and toss it to the floor.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Warnings: Sexual content. I hope this makes sense. Originally posted by amider. You were almost starstruck, if You did a wonderful job requesting anon!! Last update.

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Character] x Male! Reader and [Male! Character] x Female! It can also mean so many more words, look them up and it gives you the same or most likely the same definition. Iida: Alright. You smile, thinking that sometimes he works a little too hard. Words: 1. You look back at where Kirishima is. You fell onto the counter, exhausted from the little amount of sleep you had gotten the night before.

Originally posted by endless-puppies. Please feel free to leave comments, vote, and share! Christopher has 10 jobs listed on their profile. But since she had the chance today, she was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

Concept: During your internship you never realized how hard it was going to be next to his side.Concept: During your internship you never realized how hard it was going to be next to his side.

Especially those who were around him all the time. It was harder than you thought it would actually be. Masterlist Requests: Open Rules. The hard work you had put into training was all worth it. You had finally gotten an opportunity to work alongside the pro hero Ingenium, ever since you saw him live at the sports festival you vowed to become a great hero just like him.

The news of his brother getting attacked was heart breaking and it made you sad knowing the real Ingenium was out but were happy to know his younger brother Tenya Iida was following his very own footsteps. Now make sure not to ruin your costumes or use them in public understood?

And stay out of trouble. Ever since the league of villains had attacked and All Might retired everyone was on their feet making sure there were no other influences to be made that would bring destruction to the country. Looking out towards the window you could spot the famous hero agency of Endeavor, which now the pro hero Shouto is running alongside his father.

From what you heard those three still remained friends even after graduation. Deku, Shouto, and Iida had been working and fighting alongside one another. When you arrived at the agency, people were quite busy. There were sidekicks walking around holding files and discussing about some villains that had shown up at the bank robber not far away from here. You wondered if the pro hero Ingenium was in on it as well, seeing he runs the agency he should be aware of any case that was being taken care of.

You looked around admiring the inside of the building, it was dark blue with white walls. It represented the colors of his costume and the same ones close to yours too. Everything inside of there was breath taking to you, the inner fan girl was waiting to be busted out but you had to keep your cool or else he would find it uncomfortable for sure.

A pair of arms were felt around your body, you slowly turned around and saw the one and only Ingenium. Are you alright miss? You nodded blinking without saying a word, "Is there something I can help you with? I was admiring your agency. No wonder you seemed familiar. I am grateful to have gotten a chance to intern here. I heard you got offers from Shouto and Deku as well.

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I thought you were incredible. Really in all honesty, then I heard what happened and it was upsetting about what happened to your brother. I related to that incident in ways that seem too much of a coincidence but I do. My older sister was a pro and she was killed by a villain along with my mother. They were off in a patrol and never came back home. Since then my mind was filled with revenge but I just want justice.

If you become a hero and end up catching him then let everyone else deal with them.Oh, how enthusiastic! Thanks for sending in an ask! I was also hoping to write some angst for Iida. No reason. Today was the day the two of you graduate from middle school. As much as it pained him not to take the top score for the graduating class, he would gladly relinquish the position since it was you.

Crazy Love - Iida Tenya x reader -

Your hard work and diligence had paid off, and he was proud to see you shine. Iida pulled his handkerchief out and wiped at your eyes, the corners of his lips turning upwards to match you all on their own. You punched him in the arm lightly, your smile wavering just a little. Thank you for the past ten years! We will surely see each other again.

It was the first time that the two of made a promise over intertwined pinkies and you maintained your hold for longer than necessary. Iida supposed that you were getting sentimental and wanted a taste of what has become somewhat of a tradition between the two of you over the past ten years.

iida x reader crying

He let you enjoy the moment. You immediately dropped his pinky at the sound of that voice. Iida felt the smile on his face droop but he forced it to remain in place, a practiced mannerism to maintain amicability and politeness. The more he watched, the more he wanted to look away. He knew that it was just a self-defence mechanism, an illusion he made use of to protect his ego and to keep his feelings in check.

He was simply envious. That the other boy was the one at your side, when that had been his place for the last decade. You spared him a moment to send a goodbye smile and a wave to him, before you allowed yourself to be pulled away. Iida held his hand up and waved back for you to see, until you disappeared into the sea of happy families and students in their graduation gowns.

Iida could only imagine how beautiful the world was in full colour. You could see it now. He was sure that you were able.

His family had taken him out for a celebratory dinner, at the same restaurant they took him to when he received news of his acceptance into UA.

In the moment, Iida enjoyed the merrymaking and the joyful atmosphere and the proud slap on the back that his older brother had thought to give him. It was only when he returned home and read the text he received from you, that he suddenly felt like there was something missing from this celebration. Iida took in a deep breath and exhaled just as slowly, and repeated the action several times over.

He pinched at the bridge of his nose. This was the first graduation that he had to celebrate alone. Not when there was someone else in the picture. It is the bare requirement that we, as per the norm, strive for nothing but excellence in everything that we put our hands to!

Iida decided in the wee hours of the morning after, the second he opened his eyes before his alarm would ring, that UA would be his fresh start. That he would focus on working his way to becoming a pro hero for now. He could obsess over where he had gone wrong when he had the time.

It was only his second week at UA, and he was already wondering about you, about how your life was playing out, if you were happily working towards your dream in your high school. You took nearly a week to text him back when he replied to your message from graduation day. Conversation had, at best, been sparse and at your convenience, which was not often at all.Alright, first time writing for our precious robot boi!

Also also hcs tend to get done more quickly. Got any plans for this weekend?

iida x reader crying

I heard you were going to visit your family. Asking people questions about them and the things that made them happy was a sure enough trick to divert their attention and avoid them seeing the far away look in your eyes or hearing the melancholy of your sigh. As the day went by you found it more and more difficult to keep up appearances. Your mask was beginning to crack. I just stayed up late last night so all I can think about now is my bed. His eyes searched yours for a moment, as if trying to decide whether or not he should believe you.

But you were on high alert now, and nothing would transpire. He seemed to buy it in the end, going back to minding his own business after telling you a few words of encouragement about how the day was almost over.

Once again you thought your little tricks had worked and you were safe. Or at least your secrets were. But someone had yet again seen right through you. So please, rely on me. A light blush had bloomed on his cheeks at his confession but he looked even more serious than usual.

iida x reader crying

Seeing him look at you with such intensity… sensing his desperate attempt at reaching out to you in the hopes that he could help alleviate your pain… You could feel tears pricking at your eyes, threatening to spill. Tenya firmly gripped your shoulders before saying the words that no one ever seemed to mean but which sounded so sincere coming from him :.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs. Thank you for your time. Do you mean like copy and paste? But naturally you can specify in your rules that you do not accept requests about a reader that is too detailed. I do not own that point of view lmao.

Iida : as you should! Kaminari follow his example and respect the quarantine measures!!