Long-Life Battery Roomba. See product When you notice that the cleaning cycles of your Roomba start being less effective, it is possible that your battery is beginning to show signs of exhaustion. For it, the Roomba has a procedure of regeneration of their batteries that also works with our compatible batteries.

This procedure is named in some web sites as the reset of the battery. If we make this simple process occasionally, we will achieve that the battery recovers and that the useful life of our battery gets longer considerably.

We you want to remember that it is very important to keep the rollers of the Roomba clean, since the dirt does that it cost to move them and consume much more energy than necessary. Our advice is that you clean the brushes of your Roomba at least once per week and the whole robot once a month.

Thus, you will achieve that it lasts very much more time working perfectly without giving you any problems. To see also our advices to prolong the useful battery life.

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Check out. Do it if you have noticed a decrease in the cleaning cycles of your Roomba. Cart 0. No products To be determined Shipping. Maintenance and cleaning Roomba. Continue shopping Compare.Roomba Accessories. Braava Accessories. Find Answers. Register Robots.

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Contact Customer Care. Uniquely designed with rubber treads, removing everything from small dust to large debris without getting tangled with pet hair. Intelligently navigates your home.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, a specially designed Edge-Sweeping Brush, and suction clean everything from small particles to large debris from your carpets and hard floors.

One brush loosens and agitates dirt, and the other moves in the opposite direction to extract and pull it in. Dogs shed. Cats track litter through the house.

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iRobot Roomba 561 -silver/black- robotic vacuum

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Roomba Battery 561

The battery in my Roomba was getting pretty bad. When I popped the old battery out, the one that wouldn't make it back to the dock, and put this one in, it immediately made the tones that told me the battery was at least partially charged. I ran it on what charge it shipped with and it ran for 20 minutes. The fit and comparison to the factory unit was very good.

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I've since put it on the charger and it is taking a charge just fine. I'll update if I have any issues. Add to cart. Powerextra 3. Pet 3, the roomba, was getting cranky and short-tempered. I would often find it wedged in a corner of the bathroom, sulky and combative, after only 15 or 20 minutes or so of cleaning. One day it just refused to start, issuing confused demands, and blinking in a dazed manner.

The fur bunnies from pets 1 and 2 threatened to overtake us all. This battery has given my roomba new life! We moved from an apartment to a house, and now it has enough energy to run the whole floor and get back to its charging station complete with "I'm done! Thanks for bringing my beloved roomba back to me. Do you make replacement batteries for humans too? In stock on April 25, I have an older Roomba and the battery has been shot for awhile.

Replaced it with this battery and now it runs longer than when it was new. I get at least 2 hours of run time.The AWARE system is made up of multiple sensors that pick up environmental data, send it to robot's the microprocessor and alter Roomba's actions accordingly.

The first thing Roomba does when you press "Clean" is calculate the room size. Once it establishes the size of the room, it knows how long it should spend cleaning it. While Roomba is cleaning, it avoids steps or any other kind of drop-off using four infrared sensors on the front underside of the unit. These cliff sensors constantly send out infrared signals, and Roomba expects them to immediately bounce back. If it's approaching a cliff, the signals all of a sudden get lost.

This is how Roomba knows to head the other way. When Roomba knocks into something, its bumper retracts, activating mechanical object sensors that tell Roomba it has encountered an obstacle.

It then performs and repeats the sequential actions of backing up, rotating and moving forward until it finds a clear path.

Another infrared sensor, which we'll call a wall sensoris located on the right side of the bumper and lets Roomba follow very closely along walls and around objects like furniture without touching them. This means it can clean pretty close up to these obstacles without bumping into them. It also determines its own cleaning path using what iRobot says is a pre-set algorithm that achieves complete floor coverage.

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When HowStuffWorks tried it out, we found that Roomba starts cleaning in an outward-moving spiral and then heads for the perimeter of the room. Once it hits an obstacle, it believes it has reached the perimeter of the room. It then cleans along the "perimeter" until it hits another obstacle, at which point it cleans around it, finds a clear path and proceeds to traverse the room between objects like walls and furniture until the allotted cleaning time is up.

The idea appears to be that if it cleans for a certain amount of time, it'll cover the whole floor, but whether it actually achieves complete floor coverage is pretty much hit or miss.

iRobot Roomba 561 Vacuum Batteries

Roomba can clean for about two hours on a single charge. If you have the self-chargerRoomba will return and connect to the charger all by itself when the battery power is low the self-charger is sold as an add-on to the Roomba base model but comes included on most of the higher Discovery models. It accomplishes this using the infrared receiver on its front bumper. When the battery power gets low, the vacuum starts looking for the infrared signal emitted by the charger.

roomba 561

Once it finds it, Roomba follows the signal and docks itself to the charger. Some robotic vacuums with this self-charging feature will head back out to resume cleaning once they're fully recharged. So the Roomba is smart enough to clean your floors while you're at the movies, but there are still some decisions you need to make for it.

First, you need to remove small obstacles from the floor so Roomba doesn't get stuck on them or try to suck them up. You also need to tell Roomba where it should not go. Using included virtual wall units, you can keep the robot within certain boundaries.Ask the question you have about the iRobot Roomba here simply to other product owners. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the problem and your question.

The better your problem and question is described, the easier it is for other iRobot Roomba owners to provide you with a good answer. View here the free iRobot Roomba manual. Have you read the manual but does it answer your question?

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Then ask your question on this page to other iRobot Roomba owners. Your iRobot vacuum cleaner losing suction power can be due to the following causes: - The suction power is not set to maximum - The dust container or dust bag is full - The hose, brush or tube is clogged.

A clean filter is important to maintain the vacuum cleaner's suction power. Therefore, check the filter regularly. When a filter is clogged, dust absorption decreases and energy consumption increases. A commonly used method is to put a little washing powder in the dust container or the dust bag. For allergy sufferers, vacuuming the house at least twice a week is recommended.

Ask a question Do you have a question about the iRobot Roomba ? What does ERR 7 mean? Post reaction. Buy related products:. Vacuum Cleaner.Makes me want to dance the night away! I simply sit in my recliner with my feet up and watch it do all the work, and it does a very good job. Easy too empty once I figured out how it was done. Gave my daughter one for Christmas so naturally, I had to have one also.

iRobot Roomba 561 manual

IMHO the and series Roombas are the best value and performance to date. It works okay but after a full charge it will only clean for minutes and then it's dead. The engineering on this product was done with the consumer in mind!

This iRobot cleaner even automatically returns to its self-charging Home Base to dock and recharge. This iRobot cleaner is only dependent on you to switch it on and you can entrust it to maintain the hygiene of your house.

This robotic vacuum cleaner automatically senses and avoids stairs and other drop-offs while navigating around your house. Milwaukee M18 Volt 2 Gal. Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners. Roomba Vacuum Cleaners. Infinuvo Robotic Vacuum Cleaners.

roomba 561

Rumba Dancing Roomba Makes me want to dance the night away! Acceptable It works okay but after a full charge it will only clean for minutes and then it's dead. Great product The engineering on this product was done with the consumer in mind!It is possible that the Roomba picked up an object while cleaning that wrapped around its wheel and is inhibiting it from moving.

Check both wheels to see if anything is stuck on them. Then, manually push the wheels in and out do not force them to move, they should move fairly easily and check if the wheels turn without an unusual amount of resistance.

If the Roomba is spinning in circles, there could be an issue with the bumper sensor. This can lead to a lengthy and technical fix, but further steps can be taken by opening the Roomba and cleaning the sensor as demonstrated by this guide here.

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First, you should check to see if the battery is dead. When you press the power button, is there a flashing red light? This tactic will tell the robot to ignore the charging depth and perform a deep charge. To do this:. If the 16 hour reset fails to improve the battery life of the robot, use this guide to replace the battery. If the Roomba seems to not be cleaning well, inspect the bottom for hairs clogging the device, and remove them. Compressed air may also be used to rid the cleaning system of hair.

If the problem persists, you may have to disassemble the bottom and replace the fan. A guide for that process may be found here. If the Roomba's brushes are unable to spin, or the Roomba is much quieter than usual, then the brushes may need replacing. These brushes can be easily accessed on the underside of the roomba by pressing the two yellow clips on the corners of the green casing and then lifting this casing.

The series of beeps correspond to the following issues:. The Roomba will also make a 4-tone "dead battery song" when the battery is discharged. Attach the Roomba to its charging base until it is charged. This list comes straight from iRobot's error code guide, which can be found here. Many of these issues can be resolved by simply cleaning the unit and manually adjusting any stuck parts.

If further repair is needed, please consult various repair guides linked here. Try putting the Roomba and its corresponding docking station on firm, level surfaces while letting it charge. Have you removed the bottom of the Roomba recently?